Industrial Applications

Company with more than 30 years experience, and very big success, in creating and manufacturing reliable industrial automations for: Concrete Batching Units, Asphalt plants, Cement Products, Mortar Producing Industries (glues, colors, powders etc), Ceramic industries, Fleet management systems. With more than 150 installed industrial automations in the recent years in Greece, and with a huge presentation worldwide, has managed to win the trust even of the most demanding customers. Company has specialized scientific staff (electrical engineers, mechanical engineers) for installing, reinstalling, upgrading, for maintenance and 24-hour technical support for all different types of industrial automation.  


  • Speed and rotation direction of the truck mixer drum
  • Concrete type
  • Loaded Quantity
  • Air temperature and weather conditions
  • Distance from the delivery point or transportation time

Company offers high quality and reliable solutions for already existing industrial facilities. Our design and development staff can study your facilities and requirements and we can offer specific solutions for every case with the minimum interventions, making the most out of your existing equipment. We also offer complete turnkey solutions, from the study and the design up to the supervision and the manufacturing of every type of mechanical equipment that belongs to the construction industry and to industries such as mortar producing, food, powder industries etc.

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