Repair & Maintenance

Our aim is to give life to all fatigued hydraulic earth moving machinery and road construction machinery systems. We have modernized our equipment with high-end infrastructure so we can be more efficient and productive. With years of partnerships with all major hydraulic manufacturers we can provide direct and economical solutions for all repair and maintenance form. With experienced and skilled staff, integrated technical infrastructure, modern logistics and a clientele from various production areas, hydrotitan is your guaranteed partner for all your needs concerning hydraulic systems. needs.

Repair & Maintenance

At each stage of maintenance and repair we follow certified procedures that ensure high performance, durability and reliable function of your machinery. In our new facilities we make sure there is adequate stock of spare parts so that we can respond immediately to multiple repair needs of various types of hydraulic systems.


The industrial infrastructures are operating continuously and under heavy load. Under these conditions the hydraulic pumps (which are key parts of such machines) lose their effective performance. It is then necessary to maintain, clean and repair them as well as their individual parts. Hydrotitan will make sure that your pumps can operate endlessly and seamlessly.

Road machinery

We support hydraulic systems and oil pumps for all major manufacturers of road construction machinery and earthworks. We provide new pumps for all types of earthwork machinery. At the same time we are equipped with a wide range of spare parts so as to be able to repair and preserve worn parts. All repairs & services are carried out in our new facilities using modern equipment and following strict procedures and quality control in order to provide you with not just a "refreshed" but a "new" system.


We know that well and we have developed all the prerequisite infrastructure and processes so that we can respond quickly and reliably to the requirements of the shipping market.As soon as we receive your hydraulic system we will detect it for faults and restore it quickly and reliably. We guarantee that all appropriate checks are done in detail and that you will get it back in the shortest possible time.

With extensive experience and expertise in the field of hydraulic systems we can recommend the best solutions for your applications in shipping, road construction machinery and industry. Representing all major manufacturers we can indicate the most economic proposal that fits your exact needs.

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