Automation Solutions

We provide automation solutions, control and guidance of road construction and earthmoving machines with a key feature to increase productivity and quality in construction. Our long experience allows us us to recommend the appropriate system selection for each machine in combination with the customer's needs.

This combination is achieved by:

  •     the necessary expertise systems
  •     our long presence on the worksite area
  •     installation of systems and training their operators

The control and guidance systems (Machine Control) that the company provides are advantageous because:

  •     installed in ALL market brands machines (Wirtgen, Vogele, Dynapac, Caterpillar, Gomaco, Terex, etc.)
  •     installed on ALL models of each brand machines
  •     installed and transported to a different machines (eg the same system in Finisher and Milling)
  •     They have more functions and information which help the operator

The control and guidance systems, either two-dimensional (2D) or three dimensional (3D-DTM), applicable to many types of equipment such as:

  •     Paver (finisher) [MOBA-Matic, Big Sonic Ski, Analog, 3D]
  •     Milling (milling machine) [MOBA-Matic, MLS-508, 3D]
  •     Grader (grader) [GS-496, GS-506, 3D]
  •     Rollers (road roller) [MCA-2000, Compactobar, Compactometer]
  •     Excavator (excavator) [1D, 2D, 3D]
  •     Boring (drilling)
  •     Launcher (dozer)
  •     Slip-form paver (kraspedomichani)
  •     Loader (wheel loader)
  •     Agricultural machinery (tractor)

The company applies the subject of Machine Control and a wide range of construction industry:

  •     Port works
  •     Railway projects
  •     Dimensional guidance systems (3D) - construction of digital terrain models (DTM)
  •     Weighing systems for wheel loaders, excavators (hoes) etc.
  •     hoist safety systems
  •     Fleet Management (Telematics)
  •     Managing remote control construction plant
  •     Waste disposal management (Pay As You Throw) [MOBA MAWIS]
  •     Weighing systems for garbage
  •     Installing photovoltaic parks
  •     Laser tunneling (Tunneling Lasers)
  •     Stitches guidance (Stringline Guidance Systems)
  •     Surveying equipment (GPS GNSS, Total Station, Levels Laser)

We represent in Greece the MOBA CONTROLS GMBH, the largest construction firm specializing in the manufacture of automatic control systems and guidance for road construction machinery and earthmoving machinery.

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