Manufacture Bodywork

The company manufactures semi trailer refrigerated vans, specially made for the transportation of food and other perishable goods, as well as of heavy duty trailers for general cargo, tippers, low bed trailers, water, fuel, wheat, cement, bitumen and asphalt tankers, flat bed trailers, car transporters, armoured cars, military tank transporters, shelters, etc. Besides the above mentioned, railway wagons are being produced in compliance with International Standard Regulations. Moreover, any other special requirement in the field of road transportation can be fulfilled. Assured and certified by TUV according to ISO 9001/2000 rendered them competitive to all international brands, thus rewarding our efforts for improvement of our technology in the field of land transportation means.

Facilities consist of an industrial site of more than 56.000 m2 with about 28.500 m2 covered by modern industrial buildings, which are located at the Industrial Area of the sea port town of Volos, in the center of Greece, with separate administrative offices & registered office and show-room situated in Athens at the 17 km Athens-Thessaloniki (Deiradon & Morinthou 47) road and 22 km Athens-Lamia National Road, respectively. Our factory is considered to be one of the largest and most modern industrial complexes of its kind in Europe and disposes of modern production equipment as well as of fully trained & skilled personnel, of more than 250 persons.  Also have € 60.000.000 approx. and the annual production capacity, on a single shift, is 2.000 units, the major part of which, is distributed all over Hellas, while a substantial part is exported.

The high technical experience and special training of the company's personnel is reflected mainly upon the quality of its products. This quality is assured and certified both by the applied quality control system and by the trouble free perfomance of its products in everyday use. Our products have established a profound reputation of robustness and reliability for which we are extremely proud. It is no accident that the refrigerated vans we are producing according to the international standards and specifications, are accompanied by International certificates as per ATP, while our TIR General Cargo Swap bodies have been homologated by CEMAT (Italian Specifications Organization).  In general, the quality certification of our products is established according to ISO 9001 : 2000*, ISO 14001:2004 and ELOT 1801:2002. We are also complying according to AQAP-2110 which mainly concerns companies producing military equipment (NATO QUALITY ASSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR INSPECTION).

Applies a management system for the following scope: Design, development and manufacturing of trailers, semi trailers, truck bodies, tanker vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, railway wagons, shelters, metal prefabricated houses "containers" and metal constructions.

The various productive machine tools have a total installed driving power of more than 1.200 HP and a thermal capacity of more than 2.100 KW. They include at present, with a further program of modernization and expansion: 6 presses of a maximum capacity upto 250 tons, 3 brake presses and 2 plate bending presses of a length upto 6m, 4 shears of a maximum length upto 6m, 3 notching and cutting presses and 1 shaping machine, 4 lathes
5 drilling machines, 5 disc-saws, 1 milling and 1 horizontal boring machine, 6 grinding machines, 5 woodworking machines, 2 cutting installations with pantograph, 40 electrowelding semi-automatic machines and 13 welding robots.

The plant is also equipped with 2 sand-blasting units, one of dimensions 31 x 6 x 6 m and one for automatic raw material sand-blasting, one complete paintshop installation with 2 ovens, 13 overhead cranes, automatic pantograph 5 x 13 m, 1 high tension trafo-station of 1650 KVA, one automatic welding machine 31 x 6 x 6 m on a crane with telecontrol, and one 50 t platform for the lateral movement of passenger wagons, as well as a big quantity of hand-tools, air-tools and electrical appliances. 

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